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How to best restrain winter

...And then it comes to the point when you simply need to chill and relax…   Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there existed a small community of hard working people. They all were on the same track, pushing to the limits, reaching out to the same goal. It was a place where positive energy and laughter dominated most of the days. But then problems came along, not everything ran smoothly always. Winter came, mood changes, energy level drops… It was time to do something to bring this joyful community back in the game!  They all gather, put their heads together and decided it was time to leave for the weekend. Left all of their work and...

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I found him

Thursday afternoon… One more day at work, I wasn’t prepared. I need weekend treatment asap. No, interesting movies to watch. Excitement is what I crave for. Something to start me up! What better place to look for, than my Facebook page. Time to go out and mingle. Its winter and its too cold. I went to my regular, local pub Brod, when something unusual happened. There he was. In the crowd. Dark eyes. Smokey... Different... I knew this is the beginning of a new chapter. Gave him that Vampire Morning look, hoping he would notice me and start the conversation. Instead, he started moving in the rhythm of divine. I followed and It felt like we were the only ones...

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7 stupid reasons to wear sunglasses by night

  Why would anyone in the right mind want to wear something that says Sun in it's product title in the night?! Unless you are a superstar! Here what Enzoriva has to say about it: Look mysterious – “Where this person came from? What species does it belong to?” People whisper behind your back. You obviously caught their attention. Be different – like Hipsters try to. They actually don't do anything extraordinary, just use mainstream things to appear differently. You take your sunglasses and just wear them in an unexpected time of the day, and there you have it.    Be unexpected – your friends already know everything about you. You are predictable. You diligently play the role that society...

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Get out lazy people!

For those of you that don't know, sun is actually the worst during the wintertime. Reflection from the snow and staying in the mountains are sinister to our eyes. Imagine yourselves being somewhere in the winter fairy tail surroundings. :O Yes, this is probably Switzerland, I understand, but simple countryside or some local mountain will do. And you are with your f&fs, BFFs, partners, dogs, bears and others. Having fun... not thinking about work... weather is ideal... sun is shining... snow squeaks under your feet... you are dressed well... but – what is missing on this ideal fireplace photo?! You haven't dressed your eyes! Because God forbid, sunglasses are only for the summer, the rest of the year we live...

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Welcome a board Miša

Our no 1 Buzzalkovski has just got himself a competitor. However, this daring lady will have to work more to earn her pair of customized sunglasses. Apparently she is also a great fan of Buzzalkovski 71 and doesn't mind being in his shadow some more. Name: Miša Bojović Age: 36 Country: Serbia Profession: Politicologist Riding a bike is special somehow, riding hard enduro is HARD! What is wrong with you Miša?! Ahahha, something must be wrong with me for sure, but looking from the right perspective something is very right in my life! Love it! What does your boss has to say about it? All I can say – Go for it! Ljubica – maman I was scared, we argued a...

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