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Stories about adventurous sunglasses

Working hard to become the best for you!

We truly hope that you have made it to our web shop and have already browsed through our yet few but unique models. We are working hard, but with passion to update our web shop with new sunglasses, designed to combine fashion, beauty and elegance. We promise that soon you will see a whole new collection for you to choose the one (or more!) that fits best to your very personal style. In the meantime, our web shop is being updated every day with new features and will be available shortly in Spanish and in the future with other languages also. Our Instagram account is already live and we would love to see you there! Stay tuned, because in the...

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Welcome to Enzoriva!

We’re excited to welcome you to our new blog and webshop. Enzoriva is the new player in the sunglasses & fashion world, that is here to add a new dimension to the established market. EnzoRiva was born out of the desire to bring the creativity and energy of young talents to a sometimes boring arena. EnzoRiva is the initiative of a group of young entrepreneurs who formed a dynamic, multicultural team to add new music to the sunglasses world.The idea was born in a street café in Barcelona, surrounded by modernist buildings and relishing the Mediterranean atmosphere. Our dream started with the wish to contribute to the modern lifestyle with sunglasses that match a busy and fulfilling life of sports,...

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